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Interview with Jaimac, solo rapper, member of Emortal Thugs, Mo Thug, CEO of Deadly 5 Music and brother auf BTNH members Layzie Bone & Flesh-N-Bone.

Jaimac Interview

Newest Interviews

I talked with Joka of The Heavyweights about their past, present and future ...

Heavyweights Interview

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Al Pissy (2006)
Asylum Of Darkness (2006)
C-Saw (July 2007)
Heavyweights (February 2008)
Jaimac (January 2009)
Lon Meezy (April 2007)
Prophacy (May 2007)
RIP (March 2007)
Steve Pitts (January 2008)
Young-D (May 2007)

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