Al Pissy -Interview-

Interviewer: Jizu

Earlier this year I talked with the upcoming Artist Al Pissy from Indianapolis.

MWC: Could you please introduce yourself to the people who don't know you ?
Al: This is your boy Mr. AL Pissy, an up and coming midwest rapper born and raised in Michigan City Indiana but now residing in Naptown, which is Indianapolis for those who don't know.

MWC: When did you start rapping ?
Al: I started rapping when I was 13, in the age the west coast started coming on the scene with the NWA, ICE CUBE. Rap was at a major transition. It went from being trendy / fad to more gansta. As far as more realistic and drama.

MWC: In 2005 you released an album (Theres more than corn in Ghetto Indiana). Tell me something about this CD.
Al: Alot of people think that Indianapolis is full of corn and white folks, and that there's no talent in the state. But as far as artist goes, people like Micheal Jackson, Babyface, and John Mellencamp they are from Indiana.

MWC: How did it come up with the album-titel ? For me, it sounds like "hey here is Al and now I'm putting Indiana on the map" :)
Al: You nailed it. There's more than Corn in Ghetto Indiana is really meant to uplift of the poeple of indiana to folow their dreams and talent.

MWC: I've read the label you released the "Ghetto Indiana" is co-founded by yourself. How does it feel to be your own boss ?
Al: It feels good. I feel that everyone needs to start their own label and eventually get signed with a major.

MWC: Are there any other artists signed ?
Al: I have an R&B act named "Nire".

MWC: The Indiana Rap Scene is growing bigger the last years. There are many talented rappers. What did you think is the reason Indiana and the whole Midwest scene is still underrated ?
Al: I think the local media, and clubs are not putting any effort into helping the local rap scene. They tend to try and help rock, folk, and other people out. But they need to realize the music business of rap is generating major money.

MWC: What was the first record you bought ? Can you remember ?
Al: It's hard to say cause rap been in my family for many years, I got LPS of EPMD, and PUBLIC ENEMY that were passed down to me from my OLDER SIS.

MWC: Which albums are rotating in your cd-changer right now ?
Al: Bun Bee, Luda, Twista, Jamie Foxx

MWC: What do you think about the mainstream-rap-scene, people like 50 Cent, The Game etc ?
Al: I think the mainstream artist are saturating rap with too much of smoking, and ganstism.

MWC: What are your plans for the future ?
Al: Keep making hot music, and independant film about rapping as an independant.

MWC: What could the people expect from Al Pissy and from your label this year ?
Al: I'm working on some heat, I'd probably post pretty soon on my space.

MWC: Any last words for the readers ?
Al: Follow your Dreams !!

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