Asylum Of Darkness -Interview-

Interviewer: Jizu

I've done an Interview with Danny Sadistic, Georgo and One/Eighth, who are together Asylum Of Darkness.

MWC: Could you please introduce Asylum of Darkness? Where you from? Who is in the band?
Danny Sadistic: What's going on everyone, we're A.O.D. We're from Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The group consists of myself, Georgo, and One/Eighth.

MWC: How long have you guys been making music together?
Georgo: Me and One/Eighth have been together doing this for a while. We about 10 years deep. We started working with Sadistic in January 2004 and formed A.O.D. from there a couple months after.
One/Eighth: Back in the day we used to record on the Talkboy and Karaoke machines, and used to hand out our wack little freestyles on cassette. Our friends dug it, and that's where it started.

MWC: The tracks I have heard sound like a horrorcore/hardcore-rap mixture. How would you describe the AOD style?
Georgo: I like to think we do a little more of the gangsta style than we get credit for. I mean, we do the horrorcore shit, but if you really listen, you'll hear both styles.
Danny Sadistic: I think we got labeled as horrorcore rappers more for our appearance than for the actual content of the songs. I mean come on, "Aimin' For Your Head" wasn't even close to horrorcore. Same with "Dead On Arrival" in a way, there may be some horror influence, but that track's got the gangsta shit too. Overall, the way you described it as horrorcore/hardcore is pretty close, but with a little more emphasis on hardcore. Now, when you hear some of the newer stuff we've recorded, you'll really be suprised, as it has more of a club vibe to it. We're still bringin' the hardcore shit, don't get me wrong, but some of the other tracks are gonna be different. We're trying to expand, not get pigeonholed.
One/Eighth: Well let me just say this, our style is the sweet blend of all that is great. It's what people wanna hear. They don't wanna hear any and every Joe Schmo with a microphone rapping about the hatchet when they ain't signed to Psychopathic. If they think kissing that much ass is gonna get them anywhere, they're wrong. People just look at them like mindless followers.

MWC: Which artists influenced you?
Danny Sadistic: Growing up, I was really big on Juvenile, B.G., and the Cash Money camp, along with ICP and Three 6 Mafia. Nowadays, I'm still bumpin' Juve and B.G., along with Three 6, The Game, Tech N9ne, Pastor Troy, Chamillionaire, shit like that. I also listen to a lot of rock, like Mushroomhead, Marilyn Manson, Wednesday 13, and Drowning Pool. I stay pretty balanced. Hell, I even dig Kelly Clarkson's newest album.
Georgo: First and foremost, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I'd have to say they're my favorite of all time. But artists like The Dayton Family, DMX, Silkk the Shocker, Death Row Records from back in the day, N.W.A, and Run-DMC were also influences. On a performance level, Michael Jackson (he's innocent damn it!) was also an influence. Lately, I've been bumpin' 50 Cent and Mobb Deep.
One/Eighth: A lot of people, ranging from local to mainstream. I always wanted to be involved with music.

MWC: Tell me something about the album "The Introduction". Who made the productions? Who is featured on the album?
Danny Sadistic: "The Introduction" is really just our first two CDs put together with a better intro replacing the "Step into the Asylum" intro, an unreleased track, and a snippet from our then-upcoming album "Situation: Critical" (which will now be an EP titled "Prelude to Disaster"). We had been pressing up CDs non stop, but we couldn't get them pressed quick enough to meet the demand, so we found a place where we could get our discs made and distributed much more efficiently, that's when we decided we should just throw it all together as one album so everyone could get it all easily. Feature wise, we just went with our boys from here in Canton that we hang with, Chump Change, Leprechaun, Civil Savage, D-Love, and lastly, one of the original members of our group, Fokus.

MWC: What message is on the album?
Danny Sadistic: I wouldn't really say there is much of a message. The tracks kinda are what they are. I mean, of course, there is meaning to some of the content on the CD, but the majority of the songs are more for entertainment value than anything else.
Georgo: The message of the CD is that you are trapped in the asylum. We are rapping from the point of view of someone in that position.
One/Eighth: The CD is mainly composed of songs that were from different time periods when the group was going through changes. So the CD is kinda all over the map in the way of song types, but I think people felt it.

MWC: Is there a place to buy the album online?
Danny Sadistic: Hit up our website,, and click the store link. Or, if you don't wanna spend the money, you can download almost every track from our first two CDs on the website. You can also check out our shit at Myspace,

MWC: Could you tell me something about the Ohio Rap scene? Who should we be looking out for from your area?
Georgo: Chaos the Negative, Chump Change, Freeze "the FreezeStyle King", Leprechaun & Panic Zone Pimpin.
Danny Sadistic: Among others, but we're not gonna sit here and plug other artists all day, this is our interview.
One/Eighth: Yeah! We ain't talking about other people. A.O.D.'s coming out of our area, and that's all that matters.

MWC: What about the musical support in Ohio? Are there radio stations playing AOD music?
Danny Sadistic: Currently, we're not being played anywhere. We've got some songs out to some DJs, but we haven't heard anything back. We have a couple radio singles that we're getting ready to push this summer, so we'll see how that goes.

MWC: What do you think about the internet? I guess it's a great platform for unsigned musicians to introduce their music.
Danny Sadistic: I think it's great. We are able to be heard by people world wide without the hassle of having to physically go out and hand samplers, demos, and flyers out. Now don't get me wrong, we do that too, but for states on the other side of the country that we aren't able to travel to, the internet is a huge help.
One/Eighth: It's good, like Sadistic said, for people to listen to our music on the other side of the country, but then, on the other hand, it opens the door for people to talk mad shit about you and you can't defend yourself. It's not like you can smack someone through the computer screen.

MWC: What are your future plans?
One/Eighth: To not have to go into work and be bossed around, and to be rich. Sit on my ass and play video games all day.
Georgo: To be rich.
Danny Sadistic: To get the fuck out of the work force. This 9 to 5 shit is getting old real quick.

MWC: If you had the free choice: which three artists would you like to work with on your next album?
Danny Sadistic: The Game, Three 6 Mafia, and Juvenile.
Georgo: Bone Thugs, Dayton Family, and DMX.
One/Eighth: Young Jeezy, Dem Franchise Boyz, and Linkin Park.

MWC: Any last words for the readers?
Danny Sadistic: Get ready to pick up our new CD, "Prelude to Disaster". It's a bit different from what we've done in the past, without drifting too far away. You can expect it out late-May or early-June. Also, thanks to everyone that's been supporting us at shows and on Myspace. Much love.
One/Eighth: To the fans of A.O.D., it's nice to see you supporting us. Be sure to pick up the new CD, and we appreciate the love. To the people that are undecided on A.O.D., swing by one of our shows and check us out, 'cause them shows be off the hook. And to all the people that hate A.O.D., ..... I ain't even gonna say anything to that.

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