C-Saw -Interview-

Interviewers: Jizu & BuddahMonk

Buddah Monk and myself arranged some questions for Outside-MC & G.I. Legend "C-Saw". This is the Interview with the Queen of Gary :).

MWC: How did you met Fingerroll ? And how developed the band "Outside" ?
C-Saw: I meet Finggeroll coming back to G.I. to live from ATL. It was 95, I was visiting my old studio (Solid Gold Records) and he happened to be the producer there, and from the first time we worked together we neva stopped, from there we felt everything we recorded was outside of everything else anyone has ever done, and that's how we came up wit the name Outside.

MWC: What are the future Plans for No Tamin / Outside ?
C-Saw: The future plans for Outside/No Tamin is what it always been, keep dropping those bangers, we have alot of mix tapes floating around, and will be working on another OUTSIDE album in the Spring due to me working on my solo album and some of our fellow NO TAMIN members, plus we just opened another studio in ATL.

MWC: When will Indianas first lady on the mic finally drop a full solo album ?
C-Saw: My full solo album is set to drop at the end of September. I know it highly anticipated, but with the new baby and trying to learn my new voice it was kinda hard, one of my vocal module just stopped working, but to me that was a blessing because I sound better now.

MWC: Did you think your lyrics growin over the last years... or i should better ask to you rap now about other things/from another perspective then in ya beginning?
C-Saw: I know for a fact that my lyrics has developed/ formed into another perspective, for starters every great artist grow wit time.

MWC: I listen latley your track on Maniac Mc - Problem Child Album with Newsense, Ms Kane, Nookie G, KM, Maniac MC and yaself. Maybe the best female rap posse song I ever heard. Did you still in contact with the rappers? Will their be some more collabs in the future? By the way you together with Nookie G is always a pleasure (for eyes and ears).
C-Saw: First off I don't remember that song, I have done many raps, but I will say I still talk to Newsense and Nookie G. here and there, our friendship will neva end. I can see a collab wit newsense, not Nookie she has given herself to god and doesn't rap anymore.

MWC: I see that in the last years the art of storytelling isn't anymore doin by a lot of people on their albums... how you thinkin about intensive story telling songs that need more time and brain to write about and more talent (as a writer/lyricist) to be honest then just another get crunk in the club song?
C-Saw: That is a excellent Question, first of all I'm still into story telling, and if you're an excellent artist as I am it doesn't take time, or the use of alot of thinking, it should just come out naturally, hell I don't even have to write it, I do it in my head and go right in the booth. I think that there hasn't really been anyone with enough talent to stand out in a sense to steer someone in the direction of storytelling rhymes. Actuall I liked Ludicrus better when he got more serious. I also believe that music is made to inspire, and how the hell can music that talks about nothing inspire anyone, now don't get me wrong, I have songs that are not storytelling some club shit as u may call it, but I also can inspire.

MWC: Today everybody can make their album at home on his pc and printed/burnin his album on cd-r and sell it online. Did you think that makin things better for rap overall or just started that too much bad albums comin out and people overseein the good ones cuz there are to much released.
C-Saw: I think that since the selling of cd's and producing your own music has become so easy to the public, it can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how u look at it. Great for people that want to get out there with little knowledge and money, and no direction kind of like the lottery, hope u get the right hook up, but yeah people are less likely to listen to alot of other people due to to many bad songs, u just get tired of everybody thinking there shit is the best, and for me, someone that's been in it for awhile u heard one u just about heard them all unless there is just something that's very different and stands out. Another thing that is positive tho, u kinda get rid of all the middle men (consignments) good for us, but bad for stores. Basically it's what u make of it, but if someone wanted me to hear there music and is a no name, I would have had to heard them before, or they no someone I know or has proven to be a fan. But every song that come through believe me it's hard to listen to them seeingIi'm extremely busy and alot of people sound alike, (GIVE ME SOMETHING DIFFERENT PEOPLE). Oh yeah if ur connected wit the right people you wouldn't be affected by all the bad music displayed on the comp. because believe me everything I do is sent to the right people and I have a big enough fan base to purchase cd's when needed.

MWC: Do you live just from the money rappin bringin home or got ya a regular 9-5 job or something other runnin?
C-Saw: I neva have to work again in my life in easy terms, but I love history and since the new baby I've really been into small children, so in the fall I will be going back to school to study to become an historian, and a preschool teacher, I want to accomplish those two things before I die.

MWC: Are you in a relationship right now? ... is their a man outthere who can handle tha crazy lady?
C-Saw: I can barely handle my self , but luckily, there is someone right now, but i must say that was a hellified challenge for him lol.

MWC: Your pics on myspace was fine as fuck. How about some more pice for ya fans or a No Tamin C-Saw Calendar for 2008 ? :D
C-Saw: Thanks alot for everything that liked my pics, I will be posting new one's up in September. As far as a calendar thats funny u asked me that, Playboy is doing a calender for 25 go 35 year olds and I'm a canidate, I will begin shooting in October hopely things work out it's not final, but hopely everything works out, It's not nude guys but little clothes, I keep u informed.

MWC: It's time for some last words or shout outs.
C-Saw: I just want to thank everyone that has supported me from the begining and never gave up. My new fans that I have inspired. U are who make me who I am thanks for everything

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