Heavyweights -Interview-

Interviewer: Jizu

Joka, one part of KC-Duo "The Heavyweights" answered a few questions for MWC.

MWC: What's up guys? Could you please introduce yourselfs first?
Joka: We are the Heavyweights (Arsenal Ent.).

MWC: How did you guys come together as a group?
Joka: We startd out back in high school. We were one of the first to put out some music localy and we're still going even stronger!

MWC: Could you give us a short overview about your past releases?
Joka: Our first project (Only The Begining) was done on tape before CDs took over. Our second project was a compilation of local talent (Best Kept Secrets). Our third project (Hick Life) we focus more on the group. Our fourth project (Hick-Town Heavyweights) we went from a five member group to two (Joka & JRoc). Our fith project (Actin Bad) kept the focus on us. Our sixth project was a mixed cd. The project we're currently working on is called H-Mobb along with another mixed tape!

MWC: How would you classify your style?
Joka: The Heavyweight sound is more like a MJG & Eightball sound. That's the only group who u could compare us to other than that we're unlike the average groups.

MWC: You released 5 albums now. How did your style change over the years?
Joka: I would be lying if I told you we have the same sound we started out with. Our sound and quality goes to another level with every project we put out!

MWC: You guys can name one of your albums as a favorite?
Joka: My favorite cd is the one we're working on now! I also enjoyed working on our mixed cd. Actin Bad & Hick-town Heavweights also got some heat on 'em!

MWC: You are veterans in the game. What can you recommend to younger artists to "survive" this business.
Joka: To all the youngstas...LEAVE THE EGOS AT HOME & DON'T BE SCARED TO NETWORK WITH WHOEVER!! Always stay up on your game & don't depend on everybody else to handle your bizz!

MWC: What's going on with your label Arsenal Entertainment? Are there any plans to sign other artists?
Joka: We have just got our studio up & going so now we are able to do whatever we fill. We also help whoever get that industry sound! (not the basement studio sound everybody's use to hearing) We're always looking for good Artists!

MWC: What can you say about the KC-Rap-Scene these days? Most of the releases are very Bay-Area orientated. Would you say KC got his own style or the town lost the style at the end of the 90's?
Joka: As far as the KC rap scene goes, we don't have a one set style! We don't have an identity! We're to worried about following what the next man is doing! We don't recognize what's hot untill another part of the world says it is! Everybody wants to be the one who put KC on the map! Ain't nothing wrong with that but we need to take notes from the south. They had to network to take over the music scene. I think we as a city are still looking for our identity. With all the lack of support from our city, radio etc...it makes you want to give up but that's when it's time to go outside the hood! Let the hood catch up to what you're doing.

MWC: So what are you workin on right now and when can we expect a new album?
Joka: We are working on the H-Mobb project now & another mixed tape it should be out some time in the spring!

MWC: Any last words for the people?
Joka: Anybody who's real can come to our studio 1304n.8th st & Washington on the Ks side! Rap, R&B, Gospel, Live bands, Rock&Roll etc...We have a starter deal...8hrs for $200 which breaks down to $25 an hour. Our engineer has 20years of experience! He handles everything from mixing-mastering-recording production etc... Whatever program you are working on we have. Give us a call at (913)232-9385 & come check out Kansas City's most Hi-Tech Multitrack recording studio!!! HOLLA @ YO BOY!!! JOKA!!!

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