Jaimac -Interview-

Interviewers: Jizu & J.Bone

Some questions for Cleveland rapper Jaimac, brother of Layzie Bone and Flesh-N-Bone.

MWC: What's up Jaimac? Thanks for the time to do this. Could you please introduce yourself first?
Jaimac: I am Jaimac the other lil brother of Layzie Bone and Flesh N Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony.

MWC: What are you working on at the moment?
Jaimac: Well 8 Mixtapes, 3 Albums and a movie.

MWC: Your debut album is entitled "It is what it is". Tell us something about it. Who is featured for example?
Jaimac: The album is like the movie: Its all about me and what I seen and done in my live on the way to get in this game. U gotta look out for the album and the video for the feats. (laughing)

MWC: For the productions, what style will the album be and who are the producers?
Jaimac: I'm versatile. So u can imagine tha fast spit tongue crunk. Fuck its too much to say u dig.

MWC: What is the lyrical theme of the album?
Jaimac: Jaimac. I go hard check it out I'm the Industry Threat.

MWC: You said you also making a film (Jaimac - The Movie). What is this project about?
Jaimac: Well the movie is about what I had to go though as being Jaimac solo and trying to do what I can do without my brothers to get in the game and make it in these streets.

MWC: Tell us something about your label "Deadly 5 Music".
Jaimac: It's not really were the album is coming from. I got labels on it so be on the look out on that.

MWC: Are you also still signed to Mo Thug Records too? Are there any projects of Mo Thug you are involved?
Jaimac: I am and will forver be a Mo Thug. Its in my bloodline. I had music with Mo Thugs since I was 14 years old and it will never stop.

MWC: What about the Emortal Thugs? Will there ever be a reunion? Maybe an album?
Jaimac: I don't know. We will see in the future. Maybe.

MWC: Did you ever thought about doing an album with your brothers?
Jaimac: No. Because Bone is Bone and Emortal is Emortal. But as a feature hell yeah but we been there and done that.

MWC: What about the Cleveland rap-scene? You can name us some underground artists we should check out?
Jaimac: Yeah BBI Brick Boys Ent., James Cagney, Phatbeezy, Tone Capone, Chip da Ripper and Lil Lo. Thats it so far but I know there are much more.

MWC: Thanks for your time Jaimac.
Jaimac: Thank you guys.

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