Lon Meezy -Interview-

Interviewer: Jizu

I've done an Interview with Omaha-Legend Lon Meezy aka Lon Mac aka Scottie Pimpin about his music, Gametime Ent. and the Omaha scene..

MWC: What's up Lon, could you please introduce yourself to the people who don't know you ?
Lon Meezy: My name is Lon-Meezy aka Scottie Pimpin in Omaha, Nebraska doing it major without a deal 4 real.

MWC: Let us begin with your latest project "Omahas Finest". What was the idea of this album ?
Lon Meezy: The idea behind "Omaha's Finest" is put the "O" on the map. I got 23 of Omaha's Finest and put em on one CD and we bout to knock the doors open for the city. Volume 2 is coming soon and we got alot of more hot Omaha artists ready for that one.

MWC: Which artists and producers are featured ?
Lon Meezy: Its 23 artists on there: Lil Q, Ms. Binky-Loc, Scrybe, T.Wrong, Pocket Pete. Its alot too many to name. Lil Q and Ms. Binky-Loc are on Gametime Ent.

MWC: Tell us something about the Omaha Rap Scene.
Lon Meezy: The Omaha Rapscene is like crabs in a bucket. We got alot of talent here but we got alot of hate going on. Everyone wants to be the one to put us on the map. Some work together and keep it real and some don't. We have no support from local radio. We get one night a week.

MWC: On "Scottie Pimpin" nationwide artists like Luni Coleone and Lil Flip are featured. How did you hook up with them ?
Lon Meezy: Lil Flip is the homeboy. He done been up here a few times and we been to his spot and kicked it. He is cool. We rode around blowing dro in the stretch hummer all day doing it big. Both times he came here we did it like that. Luni - we've been doing shows together and all that from Denver to Colorado Springs to Omaha. He is also cool. That's my West Coast G right there. He showed me love too.

MWC: You got your own label "Gametime Entertainment". Who is signed to your label at the moment ?
Lon Meezy: On my label we have Omaha legend Lil Q, 5 CDs deep in the game not even including his Mixtapes and all that stuff. He got hot music. Ms. Binky-Loc is also a legend in Omaha. She been doing it for many moons and droppin fire on alot of Omaha CDs throughout the years. She bout to drop her first Mixtape titled "Loc'd Out" this summer. I just signed the future of this label and the city - Lil Ace. He's a young cat like 17 or 18 and he got that fire starter. Gametime gonna be straight for a long time to come because of him. He is hot.

MWC: What are Gametime Ent. future projects ?
Lon Meezy: Lil Q is droppin "S.L.A.P." April 24th. We got Ms. Binky-Loc and "Loc'd Out" is coming soon and we got Lil Ace droppin his third or fourth Mixtape called "Plastic Crack". And U know CEO got something droppin real soon. I'm doing a Mixtape for the summer and I'm doing an album too. More informations soon @ www.myspace.com/lonmac

MWC: How would you characterize your music ?
Lon Meezy: I would call my music as good music. I make music for everybody. I got something the gals can dig, I got something for my street cats can dig, I got music for the club. I do it all and I do it all and I do it well. All my artists do it well. We trying to get money.

MWC: What are your plans for the future in general ?
Lon Meezy: The future of Gametime is sooooo bright I got to wear stunna shades. We here and we ain't going nowhere. Lookout for us. Omaha, Nebraska Midwest stand up.

MWC: Any last words or shout outs ?
Lon Meezy: I want to say wassup to Lil Q, Ms. Binky-Loc, Lil Ace and Sae. She is the head of my Gametime cuties. She's a fox. Omaha, Nebraska ride wit your guy I got us.

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