Steve Pitts -Interview-

Interviewer: Jizu

I talked with Steve Pitts. Who is a Legend in the Midwest-Scene. He worked together with Dayton Family, Three 6 Mafia and many more. Here is what the Producer from Flint, Michigan had to say ...

MWC: How you doin Steve ? Could you please introduce yourself first ?
Steve: I'm Steve Pitts or affectionantly known as "Super Producer"...*laughs* I think It originated in Michigan and worked its way down to the South.

MWC: Didn't heard something from you for a while. What were you doing the last years ?
Steve: I've worked for several midwest and local groups here and there throughout the years. Currently Im working on tracks for Puffy (Sean Combs) on a few projects for the near future. I'll keep you posted. However, I will never stop producing beats for local artist and doing "studio time" becuase those are my roots and thats where my passion lies. As long as there is Raw talent out there looking for music I'll be here.

MWC: Tell us something about your musical roots.
Steve: I started off playing the drums and piano with my Uncle Gardell Haralson of a Band called Hunt's Determination here in Flint Michigan. He taught me at the early age of 5 how to play the drums and keyboard. My musical skills had me playing drums for his band at 5 and continued eventually playing keyborad for Hunts Determination at 16. After that I learned several other instruments....Bass Guitar, Tuba, Horn, all purcussion instruments to mention to few. My desire for music only grew and I began building my studio and recording while in high school. And I grew from there...

MWC: When did you start your career as a producer ? And how you became a producer ?
Steve: As cliche' as it sounds, when i was about 15 years old I woke up one morning and said "I want to be a Producer" and fortunately I was blessed enough to have a mother who listened and helped me put together my first studio. When I was 16 years old, MC Breed was the first person I ever produced beats for. We both went to Northwestern High School, and I recorded with 4 tracks. lol

MWC: What kind of equipment do you prefer ?
Steve: Roland Fantom / Proteus 2000 / Akai MPC 3000
I have stuck with Roland since FOREVER....I've made every hit using there products, I should be endorsing

MWC: Back in the days you worked together with a lot of underground artists. The first time I heard of you was as you dropped some classics together with The Dayton Family.
Are you still in contact with Bootleg & Shoestring and will there ever be some new TDF-Pitts collabos in the future ?
Steve: We still keep in touch from time to time. They've released several albums since our collabos trying to find a different sound with different producers. But you can see how far it took them. Shoestring and I are cool for the most part, but Bootleg has done a lot of underhanded lying that I wont associate myself with....and like I said before, you see where its gotten them. As far as us reuniting,....people change, so anything could happen.

MWC: In the past Flint was one of the major-rap-cities in the Midwest. What's going on in Flint today ?
Steve: There's a lot of undiscovered talent in Flint. There's lot's of Beyonce's, Neyo's, and Jay Z's out here, its just that sometimes, because of their location, their talent is stiffled by the overwhelming crime and lack of jobs. A lot of people cant afford to get in the studio and put themselves out there. I really feel as though if a talent scout were to come out and sweep the city they wouldnt have any difficulty finding their next star. I would love for a scout to get in contact with me in order to shed some light on the undiscovered talent in Flint.

MWC: If you will have some wishes, which artists will you like to hear on a beat from you ?
Steve: Personally I think there's no limit to my tracks, so.... everybody. Tupac, JayZ, Twista, Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris too many too name....

MWC: What would you say as a veteran which changes made the rap-game in the last 15 years ?
Steve: I think that rap has become simple. It has become more about the chorus and the beat as apose to the content of the lyrics. I also feel like after the Tupac and Biggie era they opened the door to true freedom of speech.

MWC: Any last words for the readers ?
Al: Dont be afraid to put yourself out there and always put business first. Surround yourself with honest people and get it in writing! That would relieve you from a lot of BS and would give you more time to be creative! There will always be a market for your style of music. Never let anyone damper your own personal style and creativity. I'd like to thank the people who looked up to me and that I've inspired and motivated. Thanks for putting me in the same esteem as Timberland and Dr. Dre, it's really appreciated.
I can be reached at
A Special thanks to Jizu for looking out!

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