Prophacy -Interview-

Interviewer: Jizu

Prophacy is an undergound artist, producer and graphic artist outta Council Blufs, Iowa. Check out what he have to say....

MWC: First could you please introduce yourself for the people who don't know you ?
Prophacy: For sure, my name is Prophacy -The Midwest Messiah-. I am a 24 year old Midwest American underground Hip-Hop recording artist/producer/graphic artist & I also dip into photography here and there. As far as my music goes, I believe in following my heart and soul, not following whatever fads or current sounds are going on. My music is a blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Classical, Neo-Soul & a little touch of gospel for good measure.

MWC: When did you start rappin and when did you began to produce ?
Prophacy: On the real, I started rappin when I was around 10 or so just for fun & out of the love for it. I got real serious about it around 12 while I was in a foster home. After I came out of my foster home I had a bad home life so I started getting equipment & making little underground mixtapes going under the name Lil Joe and then to Mr. Tru when I turned 14 (because I needed a more grown up name than lil something).
The mixtapes got me some real good love & attention around my hometown and showed people that I had some “real raw skill” as another hometown emcee named Jazz. As far as production goes, I just started producing beats probably 3 years ago (just for myself). Now I have just recently started producing beats for all other people through and

MWC: Which artists influenced you and your style ?
Prophacy: I was mainly influenced by all types of music (even some Country), most importantly I was really influenced by older music from Hip-Hop to Rock. When you listen to my music you will notice all deferent sorts of influences in my style.
As far as certain artist I get compared to, I’ve got compared to: 2Pac, TQ, Nate Dogg, Twista, Tech N9ne, Krazie Bone & Bizzie Bone.

MWC: Give us a short overview about the stuff you released.
Prophacy: Let’s see, as far as official releases that I’ve put out, they would be:
1. Prophacy Presents: Midwest Thugsta Souljas -Masterminds Of The Thuglystic-
That album was a cd of trax that I collabed on with another upcoming artist called Soulja. I put the album in local record stores & online stores which made some money, but due to problems & the group breaking up the album really couldn’t be pushed properly so soon the sales dwindled. I decided to pretty much put that album behind me as if it wasn’t released and focus on the future instead. I do however (since I own the copyrights to the album) have plans to re-release the album with Soulja’s solo trax taken off and replaced with new heat from me and others. Thanks to my affiliation with BMI, the re-released version of the album will be under my publishing company.
2. Will Not Be Overcome (solo 7 track EP)
I came out with my EP right after the whole mess with the group album because I needed to let my fans know that I wasn’t going anywhere, “if anything I was better and stronger alone”. Will Not Be Overcome was released on a small budget to local stores & online across the world, it sold well thank God and best of all it earned me much respect from all over the world. I believe I released the EP around 2/06, and the songs from it have become fan favorites till this day.
Oh, I also had a single from the album on radio, the song is named “Drift”.

MWC: Which equipment do you use as a producer ?
Prophacy: I have used Roland’s Phantom X-6 and just different computer programs. I am mainly working off of programs right now until I get a new keyboard. I prefer keyboards or groove boxes because they are more hands on.

MWC: What happened to the Midwest Thugsta Souljaz ?
Prophacy: Long story short. Before we even finished laying down all of the vocals there was problems because Soulja was just not holding up his end of the work in just about all ways possible. His lack of work ethic stretched into getting proper paperwork filled out and filed, helping us book shows, etc. and so forth. Pretty much, I got tired of pushing a group on my own.
After we split up it got even worse because he owed me & my fiancé around $1000 for back studio time he promised to repay. We tried for months to get it from him even willing to set up pay plans but he had every excuse in the world “from him having cancer to having to pay child support”, which was of course all lies. My fiancé which was the main loaner get fed up & had a lawsuit placed against Soulja (which landed us on the Judge Alex Show). We got flown out to Houston, TX to shot the show and come back home to the Midwest a day later “with $1150 and a judgment in our favor”.

MWC: You are working right now on your actual debut album “Purgatory”, what can you say about this album by now ?
Prophacy: Man homie, “Purgatory” is a true piece of musical art, I am touching so many different subject matters and coming with so many styles it’s crazy. Since this is gonna be my actual 1st solo album, I wanted to make it a classic, I want people all over the world to be able to relate to it. I know people are going to relate to it because I am so real on it, I am talking about the struggles of trying to do things right when it seems you are just getting bad things tossed at you, I am talking about every life situation from it’s good side & it’s bad side, I am talking about “life is it’s own kind of Purgatory, where we’re all trapped in the middle of things”.
If you want to hear about: bitches, rims, rides, ice and how much money I got “DON’T BUY THIS ALBUM”. If you wanna hear about some real knowledge that could save your life “THEN I AM THE PERSON TO GIVE THAT TO YOU”.

MWC: When will the album drop and where can people buy it ?
Prophacy: I’m sorry but there is no straight date yet “but I urge people to join me through, there everybody will be kept up to date on any Prophacy announcements.
As far as places to get it, I will surely have it on these sites for everybody around the world to get when it comes out:
Like I said though, just make sure you join me on that way yall will get any important info.

MWC: You’ve worked together with some overseas artists like Reckless from the UK. How hook you up with him and who had the idea to connect ?
Prophacy: Yes, I’ve been blessed enough to work with some great artist and producers from different countries since the release of my solo EP. As far as Reckless goes, I believe one of my hometown friends/fellow artist “K-OZ” new Reckless from online chatting through and he just happened to think me and Reckless would sound really good together because we both got that fast paced style.
It’s crazy though because since we’ve met we have become good friends and have been doing work with one another since, so I guess you could say me and Reckless both had the idea to collab as soon as we hooked up.

MWC: I don't know many rappers from your state. What can you say about the rap scene in Iowa ? Who is hot and a pick worth ?
Prophacy: I really hate to say it but the Iowa rap scene (especially my city of Council Bluffs) is pretty much garbage, I mean of course there are a few talented people but the majority just doesn’t bring anything fresh to the table. The problem though is really much worse than just Iowa, “IT ALMOST SEEMS AS IF THE MIDWEST AS A WHOLE IS CAUGHT UP IN AN IDENTITY CRISIS”.
Like I said though there are some good stand out people with originality and real talent, to me they would have to be: Titus, Surreal The MC, The Principles, K-OZ, Mo Bennet & Jazz. All of those artist each have a real good sense of who they are as a person and artist + they have their own drive and style to standout from the crowd.

MWC: What are your plans for the future as an producer and artist ?
Prophacy: As an artist I am focused on growing, learning and reaching the level of achieving a record contract with a good company that will allow me to really get my music out there while making enough money to support my family. I don’t need to be the next “big thing”, I just want to make good music and be able to live comfortably off of it. That’s the real.
As far as a producer, production is more of a second or even 3rd to me. I just wanna make beats that are different than all that commercial stuff for myself and other real artist to rip to. If there are any artist looking for something good but different “I am selling exclusive license beats for only $50 right now@

MWC: Any last words ?
Prophacy: Yhe, 1st off thank God because he makes all this possible, 2nd I wanna thank you Jizu for giving me this chance to let people know more about me. I would also like to say thanx to all of my true friends, family and fans that always show me love and support me “God bless yall for real. I wanna give an extra special thanks to my girl Miss Lady for helping me through everything and also for giving me 2 beautiful daughters “I love you”.
Lastly I wanna tell all of my “real” fellow artist around the world to keep making that real music no matter what them industry people say....... F.T.I.

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