RIP -Interview-

Interviewer: Jizu

Interview with RIP, CEO of Soultaker Records and Topreka-Rap Veteran from Kansas.

MWC: Whats Up RIP ? Could you please introduce yourself ?
RIP: What's up everybody this is RIP the midwest king.

MWC: You call your style/genre "Lyric-Hop". What does it mean ?
RIP: It is the genre I created which is basically me mastering what I do with my voice on songs and keeping them lyrically solid. Lyricism with a catchy feel and bounce to it.

MWC: You are now a long time in the Rapgame and released nine solo projects. Which project you like the most ?
RIP: My best album would have to be the one called "2003 O.C." That album received a 6 out of 6 star review on, the only hiphop album to ever get that honor. So it was a classic album in my arsenal of 9 releases.

MWC: What could people expect from your 10th release and when will it drop ?
RIP: My 10th album is titled "Timeline" and the listeners can expect to hear greatness. Im trying to elevate even more than I did on 2003 O.C.. This time I want recognition as being truly a talented artist not just a rapper. It has been 3 years since I released 2003 O.C. so I am putting a lot of time and energy into Timeline, I have recorded 6 albums worth of material during this time. It should be ready for release the summer of 2007, a double CD.

MWC: Who will be featured on your new album and who will do the productions ?
RIP: Featured artist will include Brail (Soultaker Records), Kaze (MeanMugg Records), Muniklip (Single R Records) Production is by Dj Cboss, Kaze, Arkutec

MWC: You run your own label (Soultaker Records). Give us a short overview about the label history, signed artists etc.
RIP: Started the label when I was in college at the University of Michigan. Basically I wanted to be able to do my own thing when I wanted to and it took off from there. Signed artist at this time include myself, Dj Cboss the producer, and Brail.

MWC: Where can people get your music ?
RIP: Cd's can be purchased directly from us just send an email to Also if you in Topeka, Ks albums can be found in the local Hastings.

MWC: Whats going on with the Kansas Rap Scene, Topeka for special ?
RIP: Doing pretty good this year in Topeka. I have been performing every month since 08/2006 so Im staying busy and grinding on the streets.

MWC: You grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You still have musical connections to Michigan ?
RIP: I didnt grow up in Ann Arbor, Michigan...I was born and raised in Benton Harbor, Michigan. I went to college in Ann Arbor and stayed in the city for about 7 years. I still have a lot of connects in Detroit, Michigan, a bunch of guys I did music with back in my college days. They still holding it down for the mitten. Whereever I go I always represent for my home state.

MWC: What you think about the whole Midwest scene ?
RIP: It's time for the Mdub to blow up, and I think I am one of the artist that can help make that happen. I love the music we all are putting out as a region. Soon the world will have to recognize what we doing.

MWC: Any last words for the readers ?
RIP: Thanks for taking interest in RIP and Soultaker Records. Visit us online at and drop me a line whenever and ask about how to get a free copy of the album 'THE ONE' (rip@soultakerrecords)

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