Young-D aka Mr. Purubian -Interview-

Interviewer: Jizu

I've talked to Young-D from Flint, now living in the ATL. He talks about his music, the future of his group Skanbino Mob after the killing of two members and more....

MWC: What's up Young-D ? Could you please introduce yourself ?
Young-D: Yea I'm Young-D (Mr. Purubian) aka That Nigga Purubian, one 4th of the group Skanbino Mob.

MWC: I read you moved from Flint to Atlanta. What you doin there ?
Young-D: I moved out the ATL because me and my niggas was on fire in the streets of Flint and we stayed on the police radar, I'm talkin bout shit we might not have nothing to do wit "Oh Skanbino Mob did it". And at this time we all started catching cases, petty & major. Felony gun charges, murder, drugs, all kind of shit, which is all fucking up the main goal of getting a new record deal, fresh off of a one year deal wit Tommy Boy/Warner Brothers. So I go do 3 years in the Feds and I'm like "Fuck this, its time to stretch the game out!" So I get released in ATL which was like one of the music capitals at the time and started building my own studio.

MWC: You still have connections to Flint ? What about BulletProof & Swan D, what are they doin right now ?
Young-D: My connects in Flint will never change. I'm in & out all the time. I talk to BulletProof weekly and see Swan-D here and there. BulletProofs new album is near done, it's hard as fuck just as well as mine!

MWC: Will there ever be some stuff of the Skanbino Mob comin out ? Maybe old and unreleased or a complete new album ?
Young-D: Yea we definity got some Skanbino shit comin at the end of this year.

MWC: Can you tell something about the circumstances Young Kee and Bone Skanless were killed last year ?
Young-D: As far as what happened last year with Young Kee and Bone Skanless, I'll just say "It was bigger than rap. They fell victim to some hood shit!" And all niggas out there living that life know what the fuck I mean. One day you can be here, the next day you gone. And I'ma leave it at that. R.I.P. 2 all the real niggas we lost in the game.

MWC: You started your own label "Purubian Productionz". What can people expect from your label ?
Young-D: Purubian Productionz is a production company formed by me to continue the Skanbino shit in my own way. Over the last 3 years I learned to produce, which you'll here on my new album. I did every song. I got artist signed to my label, I got tracks 4 sale and I'm currently shopping 4 distribution.

MWC: What's coming next from Young D ? Do you have an album in the making ?
Young-D: My new album is about 3-4ths done. It's dropping first of June independently. It's classic Young-D/Skanbino shit. I'ma fuck em up wit this one.

MWC: For the people who don't know your music, tell something about your earlier releases.
Young-D: As far as my early releases they all the way gangsta, but I'm always flossin on em too, plus I keep a hit 4 the females. "Hoez I'm Bonen" ran the clubs in my city 4 like a year. You can check the song on my myspace page now! (Young-D @ myspace)

MWC: If you have any wishes for the next album with which rappers/producers you want to work ?
Young-D: As far as colabos on my new shit I wouldn't mine doing something wit Lil Boosie & Webbie, Rick Ross and maybe Shawn Paul from the Young Bloods because I fuck wit hood niggas not hollywood niggas. And as far as a beat I ain't really feeling these producers but I fucks wit Mannie Fresh, Swizz Beats and DJ Toomp.

MWC: It's time for some final words for the people or some shout outs.
Young-D: R.I.P. 2 the real niggas "Fuck wit me" That Nigga Purubian!

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