Blak Danjah - The Getback

Hailing from Indianapolis the group Blak Danjah, which considers the members ZERO, Bamboo and 4-Dog, released there album "The Getback" in 2003 on Krystal Denn Records. When you take a look at the tracklist, you will see what this album is about, Smokin and Hustlin :). This isn't bad at all, if these guys can rap and the album have some good beats and that's the problem with "The Getback".

All three guys definetly aren't rappers with the mark "without talent", but they aren't better than thousands of other rappers. The productions, most of the done by 4-Dog and Three V, are very simple and some of them really boring and wack. 4-Dog reminds me as a little Nap-Town copy of Denver veteran Julox, but he isn't rappin that angry. The album starts really good with the dopest track at the beginning. "They Don't Know" comes with a good deep beat and some tight raps. But after this song the album turned into an other way. Some wannabe-laidback raps, which are nothing else as boring. On almost every track a sung female hook, makes most of the songs exchangeable. Totally there are eleven tracks on this album without the skits and outro, besides the first track there is only a second good one, the last real track, "Last Wordz" is the only one on this CD with a up-tempo beat. The features don't make it better, most of these unknown cats are without talent. The better known artists like Wiz, J-Dog or Shadowkat don't make it better than the nameless ones.

Good Indiana Rap as associated with Gary, Blak Danjah prove this again. I'm still waiting to hear some good stuff from the Nap since a while, but I won't give up to find some :)


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