Bone Brothers - Bone Brothers III

Maybe many of the MWC-Visitors know that I'm not the biggest fan of BTNH. In 94/95 I really liked this crew. It changed because I didn't felt most of the releases after this period. For sure I nearly listened to all the BTNH releases in the last 15 years and so I tried "Bone Brothers III" today. Bizzy & Layzie released their third Collabo-Album as Bone Brothers in February this year. Like most of the Bone and Bone-Affiliated releases in the past years is Bone Brothers III an commercial album. It isn't a good album in my opinion but on every album by these guys outta Cleveland are some tracks worth to hear.

"Intro" - BTNH winning an award.
"Double U" - The album starts a bit boring. The track isn't really bad and Bizzy is rappin good, but the productions by Batkave are very simple. I don't like Layzies part here.
"Cash Money" - Again a track produced by Batkave. The beat is better than the one before. All over this track is solid. Only the hook nerves a bit. Notorious B.I.G. is featured here and his part fits good.
"Fall Pray to Anything" - This song comes with some smoother productions by Cricet. I would say a typical BTNH-Track. Layzie & Bizzy are rapping their parts very solid. The hook also comes tight.
"Rollercoaster" - I don't really feel this track. The productions by Steve Vicious are nothing special, heard those type of beats hundred times before. The rap parts are very simple too.
"Lockdown Love (Remix)" - This track was released in a regular version on Layzies album "Cleveland". The Remix has too many vocals by Felicia and is a bit too smooth.
"Streetlife" - One of the better tracks on this album. Good productions by Jaz and solid raps of both Bone Brothers.
"The Struggle" - A song by the complete Bone Thugs N Harmony which fetures Petey Pablo and its again a very boring track. The productions are wack again.
"Double Glocc Glocc" - Thin C did a good job on producing this song. The whole track is a bit commercial like the others on the album too, but the raps are very tight.
"This Is A Warning" - This is my favorite track. With a chaotic note Batkave created a dark atmosphere. Bizzy & Layzie bringing their best parts of the album on this track.
"Thug In Yo Life" - Second work from producer Cricet on this album and this track is very solid. Also some good raps by Bizzy & Layzie.
"If You Wanna Get Paid" - Again a track I don't feel. The beat is horrible. The rap parts are solid but no chance to save this track.
"Momma" - A laid back track for the ladies. For sure not the track I want to hear. In my opinion only a bad track bacause of the theme. Raps are good as most of the album.

Overall this album sounds like most of BTNH's releases in the last 7 or 8 years, very commercial. It isn't the badest one I heard of them and maybe a good album for the 2008 standard, but with some better productions and better features this album could be better. Bizzy and Layzie complement each other very good. Both didn't forget how to rap and flow.


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