Dope Zone - International Controversy

Dope Zone is one of many Rap-Groups from Flint, Michigan who tried to copy the success of Dayton Family & Top Authority. So "International Controversy" is coming with a similar concept. Most of the lyrics are G-Style orientated. The productions, done by Slay the Mad Scientist, aren't that typical Flint-Style, sounding more like Bay-Area and Westcoast. A lot of laid back tracks but also some harder.

The album starts with two cool tracks, "Life Of A G" with an up-tempo beat and "Playahatchacappela" which is a bit smoother. Both songs comin with some cool raps. After the a bit to funky track "No Love" Dope Zone continues with one of the best tracks of "International Controversy" which is named "Livin Life On The Edge". Again they are rapping real good here. A unknown female MC is featured here. She is rapping the best part on this track. The next three tracks are all very solid. A calmly one (Criminal Behaviour), a funky song (Layin Down The Funk) and a Ganja-Track (Blaze the Blunt).
"Should I Change" is a type of struggle song with a good beat and some nice sounds. Once again Dope Zone prove that they are talented on the mic. The next two tracks are the worst on "International Controversy", No.9 (Slippin into Darkness) comes with an oldschool-beat and some guitar riffs. "Much Love (RIP)" is a bit to slow, and has a horrible hook, with 7 minutes the track is too long.
The great "Gz Never Die" follows and features A.F.C., a big bunch of rappers spittin on 8 minutes of G-Style over a great beat. "Virtual Reality" comes with a bomb bassline and is a good track too which is topped by the second real bomb-track on this album, "International Controversy". The title track has a cool up-tempo beat. The last track is a Remix of "Layin Down The Funk".

The guys from Dope Zone are very talented and done a good album with "International Controversy". The albums lack are the beats/productions. Some of them are very good, but I don't feel all of them. Potential were given away.


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