Money Mall - Outta Sight Outta Mind

Indiana Rap is mostly associated with the city of Gary. Money Mall is from Indianapolis and if you hear his album "Outta Sight Outta Mind" you know why most of the Nap-Town releases couldn't compete to those Gary-Albums.

Money Mall's album comes with 13 Tracks but there are only 9 regular Tracks. "Outta Sight Outta Mind" includes an Intro, an Outro and three versions of the song "Till Da Wheels Fall Off" (regular, radio, screwed mix).

He starts his album after the "Intro" with a boring song named "On Da Real". It goes on with a "Big Hit" unfortunately it's the track titel, the song isn't worth to talk about. The regular version of "Till Da Wheels Fall Off" is one of three solid songs. The Tracks "In The Studio" and "Money Mackin" are the others. With "Banka $" & "Shake It" Mall gets on the lowest point of the CD. "Where Da Luv At" and the title track "Outta Sight Outta Mind" are only a bit better.

Overall this album is crappy. Money Mall's flow and raps are way to simple. The productions of Pharo who produced the whole album are boring. The album isn't worth a pick-up, there are too many better Cd's outta Indiana to buy/hear.


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