Ole Headz - Whats Yo Image (Promo EP)

In 2006 Heavy LaHood and DVS (member of Original Menace) formed the group "Ole Headz". This new group from Gary is going to release their debut album "Whats Yo Image" in 2008. They send me their Promo-EP with four Tracks of the upcoming album.

"No Mo Playin" - The Ep starts good with this tight song. The productions are very solid. Heavy LaHood starts after the chorus with a tight verse. After that DVS spits a very good verse too. The opposite of both rappers and mainly their voices, LaHood with a rough and deep one and DVS with his quick raps make this song mainly special.

"Kindness For Weakness" - This is my favorite of the 4 Songs. Good raps, a tight beat, "retro mid-90 sounds" and a cool chorus. DVS is rapping with a nice quick flow. Nothing bad to mention in this track.

"Bend A Corner" - One of these "good in the hood & feel good tracks". It's not bad at all. The song has again very good productions and both guys rapping solid. Very laid back.

"Hit Da Flo" - The last track of the promo is a clubtrack and comes again with a good beat and tight productions. Once again DVS & Heavy LaHood showin their skills with good raps. I don't really like those "Clubtracks" but this one is one of the better.

I don't really feel most of the new realeses. This promo EP makes an exception. I really lookin forward the day the album drops. Good raps and very good productions on the four tracks. If the Ole Headz can keep this level this album will be one of the better in 2008.


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