1332 Records

    1332 Records Vs. The United States Of America (1997)


    01. Freestyle Session (1332 Records)
    02. All In The Life Of A G (F.Y.P.A.)
    03. Thrill Of A Deal (Shawn Head)
    04. 12 Gauge Maniac (Dominator)
    05. Dumb Nigga (B. Black)
    06. Famin In The Land (F.Y.P.A.)
    07. Walk The Streets (Shawn Head)
    08. I Don't Give A Fuck (F.Y.P.A.)
    09. Mr. Dynamight On The Scene (Dynamight)
    10. Inner City G's (Dankside)
    11. Pale (Shawn Head)
    12. Ghost Moves (Dominator)
    13. Devil Killas From Hell (F.Y.P.A.)

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