Big Dog

    This Life Of Mine (2000)


    01. Dirty Game
    02. Dog Shit
    03. Money Makes The World Go Round
    04. This Life Of Mine

    The Game's So Crucial (2002)


    01. Dogs A Hog
    02. Watch Out For Your Hommies
    03. Real Legend
    04. Another Level Of The Game
    05. Clownin On The Weekend
    06. Three The Hardway
    07. Dedicated To Paperchasin
    08. Shit Just Ain't Right
    09. Keep It Crackalackin
    10. Grindin For Mail
    11. Representin The Rap Route
    12. Money Makes The World Roll
    13. Hopeless
    14. Something Personal
    15. Tona Twistin
    16. Skits Of The Young Twist

    Indo G, Young Twist, Dre G,
    Man Hunt, CJ, Dank Smoke, Masi,
    Bad Azz, Trinity The Cut Throater,
    Castrol, Hoodsta Rich

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