Crooked Niggaz

    The Crooked Compilation (2002)


    01. Fuckin With Fam (Inktown Ryders,
         Killah Instinct, Ooda, 88)
    02. The Next Level Crooked Life
    03. Times Got Me Sick (Kulayd)
    04. Damagers (Taz, Bad Boy Bogaloo)
    05. Hot Shit (Penitentiary)
    06. It Ain't A Murder (Prophit)
    07. Thought He Had Life Together (Killah Instinct, Ooda, 88)
    08. Streets (U.N., Dice, Jack Frost, Ill Bomber)
    09. Money (Taz)
    10. Bread & Butta (Al Nuke)
    11. Bitches Fantasy (U.N., Dice, Jack Frost,
         Ill Bomber)
    12. Rider (Kulayd, Darkmind, Tee-Wee,
         J Nutt)
    13. Rock On (The 10)
    14. Ghetto Poets (Grim Reality, Q-Ball, Ski, Blue Eye, Devil, J.T., Slim, Mr. Rain)
    15. Is It Live (E Mail, P.G.)

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