Funky Outlaw

    South Bend Indiana Comp. Vol.1


    01. Intro
    02. Homey Is A Thug
    03. She Love A Nigga
    04. Westside
    05. Fast Life
    06. Fucked In The Game
    07. Funk With Me
    08. 1-900-2-Utmost
    09. Survival
    10. Southside Riders
    11. Gotta Watch My Back
    12. Out Of Time
    13. Sweet Dream In The Ghetto
    14. Outro

    Indiana Hustlers And Memphis City Pimps


    01. Intro
    02. Cut Yo Head Off (Lipp Dogg, Little Bob, Little P)
    03. Hollow Point Vocals (Dre)
    04. Money To Be Made (Lane)
    05. Nigga Want To Bite My Style (Dre)
    06. Stone Cold Hustler (Funky Outlaw, Big Rob)
    07. Ain't No Party If It Ain't No Thugs (Dre, Suit Coat, Lipp Dogg)
    08. Situation Is Win Or Lose (Chill, Dre)
    09. Ghetto Raised (2 Lo G's)
    10. Ghetto Ways In My Veins (2 Lo G's)
    11. Just Another Day Gone by (Dre)
    12. Outro

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