Lyrical Massacre (2007)


    01. It's The Beginning
    02. We On The Rise
    03. Eat Sleep Walk Talk Rap
    04. Lyrical Potent Flos
    05. We Tha Realist In This Game
    06. We Tha Crunkest We Tha Buckest
    07. Ya Cant Feel My Pane
    08. We The Ones Who Started This
    09. Summer Time
    10. Lyrical Massacre
    11. We Some Tongue Twistaz
    12. Keep It Trill
    13. Ya Don't Want To War With Us
    14. Mind Your Business
    15. Don't Get Mad Cause I Made It
    16. Who Put This Thing Together
    17. My Click Be Bumpin Loud
    18. L.g.e. We Bad For Ya
    19. In Da Las Days
    20. Outro

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