Most Wanted Ent.

    Live Or Die In G.I.


    01. G.I. Riot - Intro
    02. Most Wanted (Mr. Real Nigga)
    03. Only What U Make It (Outside)
    04. Retaliation-Payback (Darnell Emory)
    05. Runnin' Out Of Time (MW Ghetto Soldiers)
    06. Hit A Lick (Original Menace)
    07. Fire (Murder Mafia)
    08. My Identity (Will Scrilla)
    09. Deep In The Game (Mob Tight Clique)
    10. Ready To Die, Ready To Kill (Black Mafia Click)
    11. Organized Life Of Crime (Family Cartel)
    12. Pick Up Da Pump (MW Ghetto Soldiers)
    13. We Gonna Party (Money)
    14. Liqour (Outside)
    15. Live Or Die (MW Ghetto Soldiers)
    16. On My Block (Tha Stranga)
    17. Die Slow - Outro

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