Patriot Records

    Top Notch (2003)


    01. Top Notch (The Patriots)
    02. Straight Flossin (The Patriots)
    03. Laidback (Baby Drew, Fusion, Ken)
    04. I Need A Little Bit (Imaj, Logic Steelheart, Fusion)
    05. Come Cruise Wit Me (Patriot Family)
    06. Lets Go (Logic Steelheart)
    07. Weydemat (Chino Goldigga)
    08. Any Gun (Fusion)
    09. He's A Baller (Kwan, Fusion)
    10. Slave To The Riddim (Baby Drew, Fusion)
    11. It Ain't Nothing (Mr. Clutch)
    12. Nothin Ass Niggas (BM Dub)
    13. Let's Ride (The Patriots)
    14, Shake That Shorty (Patriot Family, Baby Drew)
    15. Gimmie The Weed (The Patriots)
    16. We Don't Give A Fuck (Mr. Clutch, Verb)
    17. Main Side Here (BM Dub, Fusion, Jay, Big Slim)
    18. Writers Block (Dago)
    19. Where The Party At (Logic Steelheart, Freedom)

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