Phil Free (2005)


    01. D.S.T.S.
    02. Job (The Workplace Anthem)
    03. Dreams And Nightmares
    04. You Gotta Go
    05. Like This
    06. Early To Rise
    07. T.W.I.R.
    08. Bottomline
    09. In You Not On U
    10. Wanna Get Fucked Up
    11. Can't Fuck Wit' Them
    12. Bring On The Real Shit
    13. No Hooks
    14. Jealousy
    15. Parade Park
    16. It's Our Turn(My Time)
    17. Shout Out

    Mon E-G, Mr. Luna, S.G., Fatso,
    Wicced 1, DJ Joc Max, Disasterix,
    Veteran Click, Pure Dope, FSM,
    Sean The Sav, JT Phenom, DJ Fresh,
    Al Backwards

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