Romeo Ryonell

    Flying High (1999)


    01. Intro
    02. Are You Ready [Bounce Mix]
    03. Fuck You
    04. Real Niggas
    05. Ghetto Poem
    06. Bring It On
    07. Money Money
    08. War Dance
    09. Turn Out The Lights
    10. Sweet Sticky Face
    11. Interlude
    12. Onetime
    13. Who Fucked Your Bitch
    14. Dance 4 Me
    15. 40 G's
    16. U Got Me Fucked Up
    17. ROM-E-O
    18. Party At My House
    19. Don't Suck That Pussy Hoe
    20. Ice Crew
    21. Let's Get Rowdy
    22. Barber Shop Records Open For Business
    23. Untitled

    Sex, Money & Music (2003)


    01.Get Serious
    02.Say It Ain't So
    03.Wha Wha What
    04.Twist It Pop It
    05.Woolf Pak
    06.Mob Shit
    07.You Ain't A Playa
    09.You're A Star Mom
    10.Lock Me Out
    11.Pink Panther
    12.Fip It Hit It
    14.Pimp Shit
    15.Uh Huh
    16.Life For Me
    17.Nasty Bitch
    18.Rocks N'Da Street
    19.Water Wet
    20.Holla Dirty
    21.Sex, Money and Music

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