Young Doe (aka Young Dozja)

    Street Hustler (1995)


    01. Take It How It Come
    02. Deep In The Game
    03. Heaven On Earth
    04. Bitch Made Nigga
    05. Playa Hataz
    06. Gz In The Lowz
    07. Rollin Hard
    08. Bitches
    09. Out The Doe

    D-Law, Boozilla, L.B.,
    Analiza Slim, P-Loc

    Young Dozja & Mr. Analiza - Controversy (1999)


    01. Controversy
    02. Yellin' At The World
    03. Chasin' Mirages
    04. Summer Breeze
    05. Round & Round
    06. But I Love It
    07. Moonstruck
    08. Dingaling!
    09. Spill Some Liquor
    10. Let Off Yo' Heat
    11. Neva Been A Fool (Fo' Love)
    12. Sometimes I Feel
    13. Episode 1 (X-Changin' Dialogue)
    14. Thugs On The Wall
    15. Till The Sun Go Down
    16. Episode 2 (Bullshittin')

    Boozilla, D-Law, Lil Ike,
    Midnite, Trick-E, Lil Yates,
    Quintessence, Adamlo, Que,
    Killa Tay, Live Hoodrat,
    Mr. Mannish, Lil Cacie,
    Scrilla-D, Kevin Delaney

    Welcome To The Maze (2007)


    01. Chirp Chirp
    02. It's You
    03. It Ain't No Thang
    04. Lord How Long
    05. Money In My Nike Airs
    06. I Don't Wanna Sign
    07. I Ain't Scared
    08. One
    09. Celebrate
    10. Wanna Get High
    11. Codes Of The Movement
    12. Let's Go
    13. Lookin Like I Signed

    Nyke Loc, Meeze, Bad Azz,
    Young Noble, Trucc, Cac,
    Marvaless, Messy Marv, C-Bo,
    Killa Tay, Innerstate Ike,
    Mr. Mannish, The Jacka, Mr. Midas,
    Rich The Factor, D. Stacato,
    Bizzy Bone, Analiza Slim, Mike T

    A Product Of The Eighties (2008)


    01. Not Gon' Last Fo'ever
    02. Noise Wit The Engine
    03. Flip Flop
    04. Ima Hustla Baby
    05. Need A Boss In Ya Life
    06. We Might Make It
    07. What U Gon' Do?
    08. A Product Of The Eighties
    09. Get Away
    10. Dem Not Thugs
    11. Always
    12. High Rollin'
    13. Toast On Me
    14. U A Hater Or Sumthin'?
    15. That Boy Fresh

    Rich The Factor, Hawkman,
    Innerstate Ike, Young Dzo,
    Analiza Slim, D. Stacato,
    Julox, Dai Dae, Spade,
    4-Ize, Jimathez

    The Secret (2009)


    01. I'm Goin For It
    02. Thorough
    03. Playin My Part
    04. No One But You
    05. Hustlin Pockets
    06. AM 2 The PM
    07. Me And My Niggaz
    08. Money From The Heart
    09. Everything
    10. Bottom Of The Bottle
    11. We Don't Do That
    12. They Neva Change
    13. So Defined
    14. I'm Good
    15. I Can Do It Too

    Innerstate Ike, Rhias, BXR,
    Analiza Slim, Hawkman, Pries,
    Keak Da Sneak, Kevin Delaney,
    Reanna, Jimathez, Willy Northpole,
    Dominique Houston, Rockie

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