Za Boo aka Boozilla

    Full Fledged Member (1998)


    01. Intro (It's Goin Down)
    02. Midwest Wayz
    03. Demanding
    04. How We Smoke
    05. Deadly In The Game (Intro)
    06. Deadly In The Game
    07. Let's Kick It
    08. Can't Tell Me Shit
    09. Real Life (Interlude)
    10. These Days
    11. Ona Mission (Interlude)
    12. Raid (Everybody On The Floor)
    13. Sumpthin 4 Tha Club
    14. It's On On Sight
    15. Midwest To Tha Westcoast
    16. I'ma Be A Dog
    17. Mob Shit
    18. Break Em In Half
    19. Visions

    M.N.L.D., Marvaless, Dez,
    Young Doe, Killa Tay, Dai Dae,
    Nyke Loc, K.J.

    Zaboo presents The Outfit (2001)


    01. Intro (Harlem Mike)
    02. We Ballin (Mr. Analiza, Young Doe, Nyke Loc, Mr. Mannish, Lil Cacie, Scrilla-D, Lil Ike)
    03. Raw And Uncut (Boozilla)
    04. U Don't Wanna C Us (Killa Tay)
    05. Skit (Boozilla, Young Doe)
    06. Can't Get Pass Pain (Young Doe, Bumpy Chill, Que)
    07. Elite Boy (Proper Talk Official)
    08. Oh Daddy (Clic Dangerous)
    09. The Wicked (C-Bo, Relic)
    10. Tryin 2 Get Over (Young Doe)
    11. Tru G Tradition (Young Doe, Killa Tay)
    12. Don't Make Me (Young Doe)
    13. Skit (Boozilla)
    14. Bitch Made (D-Law, Young Doe)
    15. The Discovery (Dez, Smoke, Vamp Dogg)
    16. Gangsta Shit (Nyke Loc)

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