Zeno Vellie

    Hold My Ground (2000)


    01. Good Life
    02. Hold My Ground
    03. Who Dat Is?
    04. They Be Like
    05. Show Ya T-Back
    06. Can't Get Enough
    07. Skit (The Wrong Jack Move)
    08. Fall Out Of Bounds
    09. Game On Lock
    10. Real Wit Ya
    11. Pull Niggas Cards
    12. Bink Back Tha Truck Up
    13. Light Skinned
    14. Baby We Can Do This
    15. Let Me Touch Somp'um
    16. Confront Me

    Hollywood, Lon-E, Goldie Vellie,
    Cku Koo Bird, Vel Bakkardi, Bink

    The Missin Link Of The Game (2000)


    01. Intro
    02. Kansas City [Remix]
    03. Z Stopped Rappin'
    04. Key 2 Da City
    05. Hard Headed
    06. Reconize My Name
    07. I'm A Thug
    08. Spittin' Purases
    09. Get Ya Bounce On
    10. Let The Playas Play
    11. Z Keep Runnin'
    12. Posted At The Bar

    Ziggy, Aceduce, Tosweet, Lone,
    Cku Koo Bird, Vel Bakkardi

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